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Digital marketing

Defining your digital marketing strategy

Ad planning is the art of blending social media, Google, PPC, SEO and your content into one coherent plan. It should all fit together seamlessly, with brilliant creative for engaging ads and informed analytics so they appear where your audience hangs out.

To create these amazing ads, we have a tried and tested process to make sure we understand your business and commercial objectives.

We identify your target audience and create personas detailing what sites they use, what media they consume, and what motivates them.

We analyse your competitors produce a detailed report on what their lead generation / sales strategy is, what sites they are appearing on, advertising on, and linking from, and also what keywords they are ranking for, and just as importantly what their core propositions are.

Then, we define your core proposition or ‘what you want to be famous for’. Creating consistent, on brand and appropriate messaging for all campaigns.

Once we’ve understood your business, audience and industry completely, we create your online sales funnel. The funnel is key to affective ad planning as it not only identifies how the ads fit together but also how they sit within digital customer acquisition and lead generation activity, and most importantly, make sure it generates the numbers you need.

Generating leads and sales is what it’s all about, so we create a suite of relevant landing pages with engaging content such as video, copy, and infographics to encourage those all important conversions.

Getting personal on social

We have just three rules for social media ads – they must be interesting, of value or amusing if you want people to share and engage.

Each platform captures audiences in a slightly different frame of mind, but all have great opportunity to connect with your target audience. We run brilliant campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for a wide range of clients.

Before launching, we will have designed a brilliant ad plan which helps us answer some key questions: What content will we create and what media channels will they be used across? Will we create media-specific content? What will the mix be between earned and paid media? Will they be used for acquisition, education or conversion?

We will set KPIs for each media type too, and also conversion funnels so that we can measure the success of each channel. Not every platform is right for every business though; an objective and informed decision to advertise is crucial.

Building success on Google

Oh Google, you fickle mistress. Understanding the ins and outs of Google and running ads campaigns across the networks is a job done only by those who live and breathe it everyday… which we do.

Running pay-per-click (PPC), programatic targeted display and retargeting ads, and YouTube ad campaigns, isn’t just about the beautiful and imaginative creative and copy, we research the bidding opportunities in depth, establish the conversion metrics and goals, agree a target and maximum cost-per-aquisition (CPA), create ad schedules and budget applications, design landing pages and make sure everything is trackable…and that’s just to begin! If all that sounds like you’ve got other things to be concentrating on, then let us deal with it all for you.

YouTube, PPC, and programatic targeted display, are great for driving traffic, conversely, retargeting is a powerful conversion optimisation tool, but it can’t drive new visitors to your site. We’ll chat with you about the best options for your business then continue to optimise the campaigns to make sure they’re driving high quality leads.

Getting you noticed, organically

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is so much more than getting you to the top of organic Google search results. That’s the goal, but those pesky algorithms that everyone talks about need a lot of tending to so you can achieve this.

Google wants to deliver the best, most relevant, and honest sites for whatever their users are looking for. Being as absolutely clear about what you are offering as well as having a technically sound site let’s Google know you’re legit.

There are two types of SEO activities, the first is ‘on-site’ which makes sure everything from content to technical build is ticking all the boxes for Google. The second is ‘off-site’ activities which take place outside your site to affect your rankings, essentially telling Google what other sites think of yours and the content on it.

SEO needs monthly, ongoing management to build your profile and to make sure you’re doing everything that Google thinks you should be doing! It’s more of a slow burner, but undeniably worth the effort required.

Is content still King? Absolutely.

Are you really a video editor, photographer, copywriter, photoshop expert, creative director or content producer? If not, we have a whole team of experts who adore making quality, engaging content for you.

Content marketing is all about giving your audience and potential customers information in an engaging and exciting way. These pieces of content often come in the form of videos, imagery, copy, graphics and social media content.

We’ll bring your ideas to life in n exciting way, whether it’s creating well written copy that is to-the-point and Google-friendly, building a library of brilliant photography, writing adverts with a healthy sprinkle of creativity and insight or shooting a video, painting ten thousand words.

Our process

Our process ensures you know what to expect at every stage.


Whenever we begin a new project, we start by defining “what you want to be famous for”. Your business or product needs a laser-straight description that can be summed up in 5 words, so both your customers and Google know what you are experts in. This core proposition is critical not only for SEO but is the basis for all creative for social media and ad campaigns.

Research & analysis

We need to know as much about your audience as possible. We create personas and detail what sites they use, what media they consume and what motivates them. And match data from Google against your audience. And just as importantly we research what your competitors’ strategy has been, what advertising they are running, and what keywords they are ranking for.

Sales pipeline

The most important part of the process: we create your own personalised sales pipeline. Our planners will work with your sales and marketing teams to define the customer acquisition and lead generation activity. We split paid and earned media so we can plan for available budgets and man-hours.


It is a complex mix to ensure that everything works in unison: Website, Google, your ads, videos, Social Media, programmatic ads, are all managed together, not in isolation. And everything is measured against an agreed set of KPI’s. We always agree a comprehensive set of conversion values for our clients that we all work against.

Our work


Bringing the flexible employee benefit service to life on the web, with a new website and fun campaign across social media, Google and YouTube.
Our work

Canada Life

A new ad campaign to ensure Canada Life remain one of the UK’S leading providers of pensions and savings plans…
Our work


Devising a disruptive and innovative new marketing campaign for the UK’s biggest Bitcoin Cash conference in London.
Our work

Red Kangaroo

Delivering sales for the national trampoline park operator with digital marketing and a new eCommerce site.

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