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Your brand plan

Branding is so much more than a great logo (but you need that as well), it is your brand promise, the “why” that makes your business different from your competitors.

dpc can help you develop your logo & brand assets, your language, your tone of voice online, and just as importantly, your values and your brand promise. 

Your brand strategy and business strategy aren’t mutually exclusive. One feeds into the other, aligning what your business goals are with how you achieve those with your clients.

Getting great ads in front of the right people

Great ads do not have to be created by old-school advertising agencies who focus on expensive TV ideas with trampolining dogs or a school-performance singing a classic Queen track. Who watches TV anyway?
Great creative comes in all shapes and sizes, in written ad copy within Google PPC ads, on Facebook and Instagram static image ads, on Pinterest ads, and yes… in video ads across YouTube and Social Media. Video advertising isn’t slowing down, competition online continues to grow so creating video ads that stand out is more critical than ever.
Understanding how our modern consumer interacts with your ads is key to creating the right message, in the right format (with the right duration), on the right platform.
Modern marketers need to dispose of generic ad creative and dull, text-heavy ads in favor of high-quality, engaging ad creative with smart imagery and intelligent text.
Ads are becoming your brand’s portable content. Make them interesting and entertaining, and consider them part of your content marketing plan.

Let’s keep moving

If a picture paints a thousand words, what value is a video worth?

It’s no secret that highly visual content boosts engagement across social media and online, and Facebook is quick to boast that video content on their platform specifically increases engagement by 65%.

At dpc we adore video and animation, and a weblink within a quick 20-second video is a great way to drive traffic, sales or engagement, and that’s the real value of video: Its quick, it can be straight to the point. Video can cram everything you want to say into just a few seconds. As more people watch more video on mobile devices, video has become the default way to communicate information. That’s good news for any company with aspirations of making a video or explainer animation.

Ignore the crazy marketing stats and wild theories (52% of consumers saying that watching product videos makes them “more confident in online purchase decisions.”), and embrace video as the fastest, most effective way to reach new leads.

Your customers want helpful content that can answer their questions in seconds, and video is still the only way to do that.
Who needs words when we have video and animation?

So to answer the original question, what value is a video worth? According to a Forrester study, “Video is worth 1.8 million words: 1 picture is 1,000 words, your video runs at 30 frames per second (or 25 for us in the UK), therefore 1 second of video equates to 30,000 words which multiplied by an average video of 60 seconds is 1.8 million.”

Holding your brand in your hands

The dpc print design services comprehensively complement our digital capabilities, providing our clients with a single cohesive creative supplier. With expertise across multiple print disciplines, we provide a creative print design service that regularly stands alongside our digital skills.

Part of our heritage is in print and packaging with our senior executives having run traditional artworking agencies for (many) years. We understand the importance for an insatiable level of detail, for laying out text and images with care and love, and taking creative concepts and turning them into print ready proofs.

The dpc design team design everything from holiday magazines, corporate reports and brochures, to print advertising and packaging.

Let’s call it a wrap

Even though we live in a digital world, do not underestimate the importance of beautifully designed packaging. How your products look online, in store and in the hands of your customers can make a huge difference to sales and brand loyalty.

One of the key questions to ask is how do you want your customers to feel when they open and look at your products. Is it a sense of immense luxury with tactile finishes or highly engineered packaging, say with intricate folds to mirror the intricacies of your product. Every interaction with your brand is an experience so it’s vital the packaging lives up to everything you claim about your product.

dpc create some of the most luscious packaging you use everyday. From the über-cool innocent drinks to the fun and upcoming MicroBarBox. 

Our process

Creativity is the backbone of the agency

Creativity doesn’t belong in a box, (its not even out of the box thinking) but creativity comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes, and is encouraged on every level.

Creative work, and creative thinking, is not restricted to ad agencies and teams sitting on bean bags or bouncing on office trampolines.

DPC have a healthy mix of designers, copywriters, architects, BA’s, developers who ALL are highly creative in their own right.

Creative use of technology

We love technology, both using new and brilliant platforms, as well as building new applications, sites and digital solutions to meet new human needs. We consider our development team to be equally as creative as our designers and copywriters.

Creative design

Beautiful aesthetics matched with intuitive user experiences are the backbone of our business: creating usable (and simple) experiences with the “wow-factor” has been the cornerstone of dpc and why our UX designers adore their work.

Creative solutions

Lateral thinking: solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. Please do give us a problem or challenge and we will find a number of creative, different, and effective ways to solve it.

Conceptual creativity

We have a team of geniuses who have the wonderful ability to dream up a revolutionary award-winning concept, to be able to visualise it and bring it to life, and then to scrutinise every line, space and comma that comes with it. Our team is made up of  the most diverse set of interesting people, all incredibly passionate and mildly obsessive.

Creative copywriting

The dpc creative copywriters have written and produced radio shows, written novels and continue to bring our sites, ads and apps to life with their creative flair. But the key to great copy starts at the same place as all of our processes – understanding your audience and customer. Once you know your audience, crafting a message that motivates them and connects to them becomes much easier, and you gain insight into who they are and how they tick, and how to deliver their needs and desires.

Our work

innocent drinks

Ensuring every pack of their wonderful drinks and smoothies are designed with the same love, care, and attention.
Our work


Devising a disruptive and innovative new marketing campaign for the UK’s biggest Bitcoin Cash conference in London.
Our work


Bringing the flexible employee benefit service to life on the web, with a new website and fun campaign across social media, Google and YouTube.
Our work

Historic Royal Palaces

Bringing history to life with their monthly publication telling mesmerising stories from the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.

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