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The world's best-rated Triathlon brand


Zone 3 is the world’s highest rated Triathlon brand, an amazing statement and journey for the UK-based company that manufacture wet-suits, tri-suits, swimwear, and all the training/competing accessories that the modern triathlon athlete needs.

The brief

Zone 3 have a hugely popular online store that has a number of localised variations for different territories.

The Zone 3 team wanted to be certain that they were getting the most from the store so they approached DPC+UP to run a full site review and analysis. The report highlighted a few areas which could be improved, and also a number of pieces of functionality that the old site was missing.

The homepage, product pages, and collection pages all needed work and all needed additional pieces of functionality.

The solution

After assessing all the options it was decided that following the tried-and-tested DPC+UP process would deliver the best results for the new site. We could have edited/worked on the old design, but starting with a new, fresh layout and design would mean we could optimise every element within the site.

As ever we created some high-fidelity wireframes/prototypes for each key page, that the Zone 3 team could test and refine. These then got turned into the new user interface design for the new site, following the brand guidelines supplied from Zone 3.

The site is built on Shopify Plus, Shopify’s premier platform, so implementing the design was relatively straightforward. We had a staging site to implement the new design before rolling it out across the various localised sites.

The results

There are so many new features are packed into the site, but along with better SEO, we have implemented a new uncluttered homepage with rich lifestyle imagery, clear male and female user journeys to the six product categories, improved mobile performance, simplified menu structure, three column product page with video, additional product sections on each product page, and clearer customer reviews.

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