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We created a 73-page interactive digital PDF form for VSO, as a ‘Partnership Monitoring and Learning Tool’, using Adobe InDesign and Acrobat.

Functionality was very key to the initial brief, the priority was to make it easy to fill out and not to overwhelm the end-user with potentially 3,000 form fields from the outset.

To overcome this we utlised a lot of show/hide features which meant that some sections only appeared or came to life when they were actually relevant to the end-user, based on selections they had made within the form itself.

The various fields included text fields, tick boxes, radio buttons, combi-box drop-down menus and calculation fields. Some fields were also ‘obligatory’ meaning the ‘submit’ button would only activate once these areas had been completed.

The resulting interactive PDF form not only looks great, but it’s very user-friendly too.

What we did

  • Interactive PDF
  • Design
  • Artworking