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The Queens Counsel Appointments had a large 64-page form as a word document for their applicants to complete when applying to be a QC. dpc felt the best solution would be to create a fully interactive PDF form that users could download and complete ‘offline’ and then submit back to QC via an online system.

PDF Form

To make the form as simple as possible dpc developed check boxes, auto-fill sections and numerous drop-down multiple-choice sections to the form. When the form is complete the user clicks a button within the form that then sends their data securely to the online system.

Bespoke online system

The ‘bespoke system’ was initially created as an interactive prototype/wireframe so precise functionality could be agreed. Then we created one single ‘application’ where user login, password management, automated email communications and payment gateway was developed alongside the automated process for collecting all the data from each PDF form.

Payment gateway

E-Commerce enabled.

The cost of application to be a QC is quite a ‘considerable investment’ so to ease the collection process, all applicants were directed to the integrated payment gateway, powered by WorldPay. A secure and swift payment gateway was integrated and 93% of all applicants used the online gateway.

Administration site

Administrators at QC Appointments needed a secure ‘admin panel’ where all aspects of the system could be managed. All PDF applications and user details, and payment methods could be accessed and updated, and administrators could amend any applicant data if required.

The benefits are immense:

• Time saved

• Money saved

• Happy applicants

• More control

So easy

Applicants found the new PDF form much easier (vs the old MS Word version), and more importantly the QC staff loved the new admin system.

Time saved

The time taken to process the applications was reduced by 80% as the process was completely automated. It took days rather than weeks!

Money saved

Less staff overtime for processing the application forms, less mistakes as all data was ‘original’, meant lower administration costs for QC.

Happy people

Dozens of very positive testimonials from the applicants, and the staff at QC appointments are still basking in their digital transformation.

The results

Increased numbers to the entry numbers from the last few years entries, plus less issues, happy lawyers, and all application fees automatically paid into the organisation via the online payment gateway.

What we did

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Information architecture
  • Responsive design
  • Web development
  • Interactive PDF forms
  • Web-app development
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