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Neilson Holidays, the über cool holiday company, appointed us to help them create their new website.

Neilson knew they needed a new website, they knew they needed to make the search, browse, and booking process easier for their customers, but didn’t really know where to start.

UPDATE! – Neilson.co.uk has just won the prestigious TravelMole award for the best travel and tourism website.


We started by defining the business and user requirements, then specifying the core functionality, the site structure and the required features within the site.

For the IA stage we created a full set of clickable wireframes for every page type using Axure. This allowed us to agree with the Neilson team where the numerous features would sit within the site, and work out how the user journey would develop depending on user type and user needs, whilst all the time ensuring the user experience is optimised for each different user journey.

Once the new user experience and IA was agreed then we started on the design phase.

Check out the dpc eCommerce 60-second video:

The new Neilson website offers the customer a refreshing and new experience in online holiday research and booking. The new online Neilson branding invigorates the website content; communicating with real visual impact; using large and exciting photography and visual interaction cues to help the user explore the wealth of content in any way that they chose.

The new website features a ‘high-quality’ and modern design skin; befitting the modern approach and sentiments Neilson install in every holiday they provide to their customers. The website can now be fully recognised as an integral part of the Neilson team – offering assistance and insight to holiday customers looking for a holiday with that extra bit of magic!

The new site boasts numerous new features, such as the slider that allows users to browse different activity level holidays, mega-menus that make navigating the wealth of holidays much simpler, an Ajax search that allows the user to search for anything that they choose, large image carousels that show off the holiday as well as integrating user-generated content and maps, and a comprehensive community section as well as integrated social media widgets. All of these various elements will get rolled out into the new website in phases.


Over the past year the site has MASSIVELY out performed all its KPI’s and we continue to add and refine numerous elements to make it more and more effective.

An added validation for our work on the site is the recent TravelMole award for Neilson.co.uk where it was voted the best travel and tourism website in the UK.

What we did

  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Web design
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