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Mum&You are an award-winning, super premium, eco-friendly and cruelty-free baby brand. They are a subscription service with a conscience. Not only do they boast a nappy that biodegrades in 14 days, but they donate to children's charities worldwide.

The brief

Mum&You recognised that in order to launch their brand to mums in the UK, their efforts would be best applied digitally, but weren’t entirely sure where to begin or how. That’s where the DPC team came in. As a digital marketing agency, building brands is what we do. Whether that’s launching start ups or driving awareness and therefore consideration for existing brands.

The solution

We met with the Mum&You team for a collaborative session to gather the information we required, to find out more about them and gain insight into what they wanted to achieve.

We discussed:

  • brand personality
  • brand positioning
  • product positioning
  • product promise
  • customer personas

Digital marketing

What’s the most effective way to launch a consumer brand to new parents? Through a well planned, targeted series of digital advertising campaign. We worked with Mum&You to identify the data segments to reach their target audience, and the best campaign types to drive traffic.

We started by creating our research and development analysis, which helped both us and Mum&You understand where they currently sit and what we can do. This included:

  • keyword research and analysis
  • reviewing meta data, meta descriptions and keywords/phrases and creating our recommendations
  • competitor analysis including their keywords and PPC campaigns

After this was completed, we can begin to set up PPC campaigns across:

  • Google Adwords
  • YouTube ads
  • Remarketing across the Google network
  • Social media ads on Facebook and Instagram

PPC and social media advertising

As a fledgling brand in a busy category, the best way to drive awareness and consideration in one swoop is through sampling. Together with Mum&You, we created ads to promote free trial packs. But there’s so much more that goes into such a campaign than simply sending trial packs to potential customers.

Next, we devised and created a digital marketing framework with a five tiered funnel:

  • Discovery (acquisition)
  • Education (acquisition)
  • Trial (conversion)
  • Loyalty (conversion)
  • Advocacy (acquisition)

The campaigns were then split into platforms, which we identified to be the most effective for the goals set. Eventually, the ad-set had:

  • 8x awareness ads over Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google PPC
  • 12x trial ads which also included Google retargeting and an email marketing journey
  • 5x loyalty based ads, primarily on social media and email
  • 3x advocacy ads, primarily made up of video ads on social media

Website design: ecommerce

A solid ecommerce website that’s designed intuitively and easy to manage is essential. It soon became apparent that their existing website was going to need a lot of work to achieve this. Instead, the web design team at DPC designed a stunning Magento store for Mum&You.

Their new website allowed them to:

  • Showcase their products through attractive carousels
  • Create pop-ups for promotions
  • Pin featured and recommended products
  • Customise product options
  • Integrate reviews


Mum&You are now a successful brand, selling direct through their website and retailers such as Ocado and Amazon. While we have empowered them to manage their digital ads in-house, we continue to support them. Whether it’s e-commerce development or consultation on upcoming projects, we are there.

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