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So what is MicroBarBox? Well it is a monthly subscription box that is a present full of cocktails, drinks and edible treats, beautifully packaged, a joy to unwrap, fun to explore, different each time, and always full of surprises.

It also has gift boxes which are a selection of gorgeous themed boxes of cocktails, drinks and snacks.

It’s that Friday feeling in a box!

The brief

When the MicroBarBox team approached dpc it was just an idea. The directors needed an agency to help them build their brand, their products and their e-commerce solution. And then help them market the new concept to the UK.

We were asked to help the start-up develop:

  1. Their brand
  2. Their packaging
  3. Their holding page and initial data collection
  4. Their e-commerce solution
  5. Their advertising and marketing
  6. Manage their Social Media
  7. Manage their Adwords

Check out the dpc eCommerce 60-second video:


So the dpc creative team embarked on developing their wonderfully fun brand, including developing their ideal tone of voice, their logo, and their distinctive colour palate and typography.

Even the cool array of drinks as a silhouette was developed for use across a number of mediums.

We helped them design and produce their boxes and packaging and all the inserts for their new products.

And then we tackled the mammoth job of the website design and build:

Developing a beautiful, on-brand and yet simple to use e-commerce solution was not as easy as ‘most’ website builds are. We had a number of elements that had to be carefully considered and scoped out:

The first issue was how the system manages the difference between processing regular one-off gift box sales (relatively simple), and then integrating into the solution a way of processing and managing different types of recurring payments and orders (not so simple).

Then we were told that trading standards were clamping down on online age verification, so under 18’s could not purchase alcohol online. There are very few websites (at present) in the UK that run an effective age check on their customers, this means that there are no affordable “off-the-shelf’ solutions for age verifying a shopper. (The gambling sites are the only people doing it effectively) So we decided to write our own system, and we can now run a one-time check on all shoppers to check their age against a number of national databases. If all checks fail the system sends them an email to request a photo of their ID. Simples!

The site is built on the nopCommerce platform (It is a Windows/.Net open source platform) which gives us the flexibility and control to adapt the platform to meet the technical requirements whilst at the same time giving the administrators an effective admin system to manage their business.


The site is phenomenally successful and products are being bought and shipped, and customers are being age verified. Now we move onto the next phase of the process:

  • SEO for the site
  • PPC campaigns set up and optimised
  • Online display advertising created
  • Social media campaigns
  • Off-line advertising

We are working with them on a daily basis and adoring being a part of such a great new idea.

Check out the new site, and why not grab yourself a little box of that Friday feeling!

What we did

  • Digital strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging and design
  • Website design
  • E-commerce optimisation
  • Advertising
  • Social media management
  • PPC management
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