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The Family Quilt Ltd is a new business concept, devised by one person who felt that some of the history of our family members was being lost.

The concept:

A platform that helps connect families, across generations by helping them collect and share their family stories.

It is a web app that allows a loved one to collect and share 25/30 stories that best define his/her life.

The stories can then be printed into a book to be kept or retained online. To complete his/her Family Quilt, the person who has been given the gift needs to complete a set of stories across each 10 year periods of her life and 8 key themes.

The stories can be either typed or recorded by voice. Photos can be added if the ‘giftee’ chooses to, the stories can be shared via email to a set of people/family members he/she choses.

The solution

We decided to build a website and web app that was built on an existing framework that has most of the security features required as standard. After consideration of the available options we  surmised that Umbraco was the most appropriate platform for this project.

We used the core functionality of Umbraco to manage the “user management” of the site and app, plus we also utilised Merchello, an Umbraco eCommerce plugin, for the payment functionality.

This formed the basis of the application (the framework) and we built the individual elements on top of this foundation.

The finished product is a true MVP, it has  the required functionality working in a secure framework, and allows customers to purchase the product and complete as many stories as they like.

An impressive idea and (dare we say it) well executed.

What we did

  • Digital Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Design
  • Website and App build
  • eCommerce
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