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Canada Life International Assurance Ireland (CLIAI) is an international life assurance company and is part of the Canada Life International group of companies. They provide quality investment solutions with the aim of making investment and tax planning easier and more accessible for UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man resident investors.

Over 2015 and 2016 dpc started working with the international financier on a number of projects and after launching a suite of microsites in 2015, and after a competitive pitch, we were awarded the task of rebuilding the main UK website.

The brief

An Intelligent site with a suite of flexible page templates

The brief from Canada Life UK required an intelligent website which should be future-proofed for the the business, no matter what business develops and no matter how many new business units or products are added to Canada Life.

One site, one set of templates, one constant navigation. However the site delivers content that is specifically tailored to the user. Content that is personalised and tailored to their requirements and needs.

The more we know about the user the more tailored the user experience will be.

Multiple sets of ‘dynamic business logic areas’ based on the user profile and their behaviour.

We have designed and built one set of STRUCTURAL templates that have been be tailored by each business unit, so each business unit can manage their own style, and content, but all content is fed into a consistent structure and layout. The advantages to the user experience is constancy and for the business is this is much easier to build and manage on an ongoing basis.

This solution is ideal from a user perspective as content is pulled into the site when relevant or requested. Content is held in repositories are fed into predefined areas depending on the user’s interests.


What we needed to achieve:

  1. More satisfying experience for current & potential clients, finding the information they need
  2. A responsive site that works on all devices (Phone, Tablet and Desktop)
  3. An element of intelligence within the website with dynamic content being served to specific user types
  4. Higher conversion of leads from new prospects
  5. Easier and more cost effective management and development of the site
  6. Smarter tools for managing customer relationships
  7. More authority and respect in the industry via a modern and powerful online brand
  8. Decluttering the mixed website structure of Canada Life

Other elements and API integrations that had to to be scoped and delivered:

  • Bespoke/tailored content dependant on user type and interests
  • Comprehensive document library including categorisation and usability
  • Print on demand/Integration of PDFs into the site (Multiple levels of functionality)
  • Salesforce bi-directional API integration
  • Dot Approve integration
  • SEO checker integration
  • Cultiv Search Engine Sitemap integration
  • Cultiv Dynamic Robots integration or Robots editor
  • URL tracker integration
  • ImageGen integration
  • Umbraco Forms integration with Salesforce
  • Courier integration
  • Social media integration

What we did

  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Technical specification
  • Responsive design
  • Web development
  • SEO management
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