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Basel Area Business & Innovation is a not-for-profit agency dedicated to helping startups, institutions and companies find business success in the Basel Area of Switzerland.

As an independent organisation funded by the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura, as well as by the Swiss government and private foundations, it helps develop a robust business climate and support innovative ventures.

The organisation attracts and supports companies moving into the area, connects organisations and entrepreneurs with collaboration partners, and helps create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters innovation.

The brief

Following a complete rebrand by our parent company, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, which delivered a global, freshly invigorated set of brand guidelines, DPC+UP were called in to design and develop the new suite of websites for the premier Swiss locale for businesses.

The organisation has three distinct divisions: Investing in the region; Innovation and supporting businesses moving into the region and setting up headquarters there; and the organisation itself.

The solution

The new sites are the global window into the Swiss business district locale, that specialises in nurturing both new and established businesses and promoting the region’s historical strength of housing many Life Science companies’ headquarters.

The new branding has been pulled through the sites with clear, visible calls to action. modern, clean and responsive web design and build, plus easy navigation between sub-domains and languages.

The sites are linked by the permanent utility bar that also allows for the language selection between English, French and German.

The results

The sites went live in spring 2020.

The site has a nice ‘Swiss design’, and it feels crisp, minimalist, and the blocky layout and san serif typeface work well together. We are especially happy with the clever broadcasting of success stories and also keeping the news & events all in one place. The added bonus was we had an amazing client in Mariela!

The features

There are so many new features are packed into the site, but along with better SEO, we have implemented a new uncluttered homepage with rich imagery, clear  user journeys to the specific sections categories, improved mobile performance, simplified menu structure, a plethora of events that are fully integrated into the site, and features on many of the businesses that are benefiting from being headquartered in Basel.

Basel website design

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