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A new agency structure:

dpc was always intended to be a little different from most traditional agencies: we wanted to create an environment where people could choose to work from home or come into the studio, and where people could enjoy a healthy work/life balance.

Because of our flexible structure we get to cherry pick the very best talent, as everyone chooses how they want to work.

We are a genuinely 'green' business as we don't waste time on trains, busses or the M25, our tea and coffee bills are small, and our team get to work in their fluffy slippers.

The best talent, all the time:

Our team is made up of the best, highly experienced individuals, who all share our values, and who want to spend more time with their families whilst still working within a talented organisation and continuing to produce outstanding work.

We all spent years travelling to and from offices in various trendy (and not-so-trendy) locations, so we felt it was time to work smarter and, to use a phrase coined by Kate, presenteeism is now well and truly absent: You don't need to waste two hours each day on a train to be effective.

The core of our team is made up of regular employees, as well as a number of “senior associates”, talented individuals who want to run their own 1-person businesses but also want to be a part of a bigger team.

An outstanding environment:

We describe ourselves as akin to the structure of a big law firm, but without the pinstripes.

We work by a set of core values which has naturally produced an an amazing environment for talent to flourish and for our clients to get the very best work from us.

dpc is now a very successful, boutique agency with a name that does exactly what it says on the tin: we are “The Digital Parent Company” to some very talented teams and individuals, everyone bought into the business, with no staff turn over, with just the best in class individuals for a wide plethora of skills.

Proudly British:

From design to development to branding to SEO to PPC to social media to video to content to marketing to packaging… with our structure the list goes on as our talent pool just gets better and better.

We also believe that the UK digital industry is absolutely amazing, the UK has some of the world’s finest innovators, some of the most creative creatives, and it is the new heart of the UK business…

Surely digital production is the UK’s new manufacturing industry?

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